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Quick-Lock S

The innovative ORTLIEB adapter system for your fork

Since 2020, ORTLIEB has a new Quick-Lock adapter system that makes attaching bags to the bike fork simple, easy and flexible. The innovative Quick-Lock S system is ideal for attaching bags such as the Fork-Pack or Fork-Pack Plus to the fork of a bike.
The S in Quick-Lock S stands for Small. The adapter is small and therefore also light and weighs only 85 g. Despite its minimal weight, the QLS system is extremely robust. The simple and quick mounting and removal of bags is possible with one hand in seconds.
The QLS can be mounted on forks with designated screw mounts, as well as on forks without special screw mounts.

Quick-Lock S: What to consider

The Fork

Your fork needs either at least a screw fixation or a constant diameter to securely attach the adapter to the wheel with our mounting system. You need 15cm of space on the fork, which should have a diameter between 30 and 42 mm.
Attention: If there are no screw fixings, the adapter can not be used on carbon forks and not on conical tubes.

Included in the adapter kit...

The Quick-Lock S adapter itself comes with the adapter plate to be fixed to the bike and the mounting accessories, such as screws and two metal mounting straps for forks without screw fixings. Of course, the adapter also comes with detailed instructions
All ORTLIEB bags that use the Quick-Lock S already come with the complete adapter set. You need the adapter itself only as a replacement or, for example, for use on a second bike.

Tips & Tricks

+ Some bikes have angled screw fixings on the forks, which can lead to the fact that a bag mounted with the QLS could hang in the spokes. For this we have developed an adapter for the adapter, which ensures that you can use our fork packs even under these conditions. The 45 ° to 30 ° adapter is not included with the fork packs or the adapter system (E235) and must be ordered separately.

+ The QLS system can be mounted not only on the front fork, but also on the handlebar stem of scooters.


The bags with QLS-System

The adapter system comes with our Fork-Packs, which since 2020 complement your touring or bikepacking setup on the bike. Click here for the products:

Fork-Pack: The addition to your bikepacking set-up (adapter incl.)

  1. Fork-Pack

Fork-Pack Plus: For extra space in the popular Plus material (adapter incl.)

  1. Fork-Pack Plus