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Quick-Rack Mudguard

The Quick-Rack Mudguard is quick and easy to assemble and extends the functions of your Quick-Rack or Quick-Rack Light with protection against wheel spray and dirt.

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Quick Rack Mudguard
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The minimalist mudguard is not only a perfect stylistic match for the Quick-Rack and Quick-Rack Light, but also adds functionality by protecting your bike, your bags and you from wheel spray and dirt. This makes sure you can ride in adverse weather conditions as well, so that your bike becomes even more flexible. Three versions ensure an ideal fit for different tire widths.


Please note:

+ F78107 Road (38mm) is suitable for tires up to max. 32mm / 26-28“

+ F78108 Gravel (50mm) is suitable for tires up to max. 45mm / 26-28“

+ F78109 MTB (72mm) is suitable for tires of up to max. 2.3“ / 26-29“

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