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How does the repair process work?



To confirm repair eligibility and obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#), please contact us at

Please include a clear picture of the damaged area and a picture of the entire product front and back so that we can make an initial assessment.


Before shipping your product

  • Review, complete, and print the following Product Repair Form - include the document signed and dated with the package.
    If you are unable to print it, please send it electronically signed & dated to
  • Check that all personal items and any aftermarket hardware have been removed from the product and ensure that the product has been cleaned.
  • Please include a note inside the package with your return shipping address and your contact information (daytime phone number + email)
  • Note the Return Authorization Number (RA#) provided to you on the shipping label or outside of the package.



We recommend that you use an insured service when purchasing postage to obtain proof of delivery. This will protect you against loss or damage in transit. Please send the package to:

1521 15th Street NW Suite 2
Auburn, WA 98001



The ORTLIEB USA repair team uses heat and pressure to mate a patch of similar material to the inside of the damaged product material, while replacing broken or damaged hardware with brand new components when requested.

Product repair processing may take up to 3 (three) business weeks from the time the item is received. This timeframe may vary due to daily or weekly business fluctuations; however, most repairs can be completed and ready for return within 1-2 (one to two) business weeks.


Your delivery

A flat rate $12.99 return shipping charge will be applied to your invoice. Your product will be returned to you via USPS or UPS when the repair has been completed and the invoice satisfied.


  • The repair of a product cannot begin until the Product Repair Form is completed and submitted by the customer.
  • ORTLIEB USA reserves the right to refuse a repair order or apply additional charges to the repair order if a received product is found to be out of line with these statements/requirements.
  • Repairs cannot be performed on products that have aftermarket hardware (non-standard ORTLIEB hardware) installed, such as screws/nuts/washers. If aftermarket hardware is present on your product, it must be removed prior to sending the product in for repair.
  • The repair team reserves the right to refuse servicing of a soiled product. The customer is responsible for cleaning each product to the extent possible, and may be charged an additional cleaning fee if the product has not been sanitized prior to our receipt.
    (We recommend warm water and a non-corrosive cleaner, like Dawn dish soap. Let the product air dry – do not dry with heat)


A member of the Product Service team will contact you upon completion of the repair to process payment information for the repair order.

  • Labor - $15.00/hour (1 hour minimum)
  • Return Shipping - $12.99
    The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping both TO and FROM our facility
  • Hardware – Billed as needed
    Hardware will be replaced upon request for customers who select the “middle” repair level option; parts will be provided with a 50% discount off msrp when installed by our technician

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