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The QL mounting systems on ORTLIEB panniers allow fast and secure mounting on racks.
They are referred to as self-locking fixing systems, for the panniers provided with this system can be mounted to the racks in an easy and safe manner. In case of damage all components can be replaced easily.

There are the existing types:


The QL3.1 system is especially developed for office and city bags an its secret lies in the fact that the main mounting components stay on the rack. This results in a smooth rear side of the bag that is free of protruding hooks, and significantly improves the bag’s carrying comfort when off the bike. The QL3.1 system has all the known advantages of the previous ORTLIEB QL systems.


Features of QL3.1-System

  • Comfortable single-handed operation
  • Automatie closing and opening of the hooks by lifting the pannier handle
  • Fixing rail can be mounted on left or right side, and optionally on horizontal or vertical bars of rack (up tp 10 mm)
  • Sufficient legroom due to variable height and angle
  • Lower hook rotatable in 360° {24 steps each 15°} for individual adjustment to various racks with a tube diameter up to 14 mm
  • Horizontal rack top remains free for baskets, trunkbags etc.
  • Additional mounting sets available for attaching bags to other bikes { E201)
  • Optional set of brackets available as accessory for 11 to 14 mm tubes { E190)
  • Bags with QL1, QL2 and QL2.1 systems can also be fixed to the mounting rail
  • Direct mounting (no mounting rail required) to rack Rack1 and Rack2 with integrated QL3/QL3.1 fixing { F78101 and F78102)


This mounting system for bike panniers is the further development of ORTLIEB’s milestone setting QL1 system. All hooks are adjustable to the rack without requiring any tools. Therefore, the panniers can be easily switched from one bike to another. The QL2.1 system may be upgraded with the anti-theft device.


Features of QL2.1-System



Automatic closing and opening of hooks by lifting the pannier handle. When the pannier is lifted by the handle, the two hooks on the reverse side are opened. Then the pannier can be hooked into the rack. Once you let go of the handle, the two hooks close around the rack tube.



The lower hook rail is made of a two-component synthetic combination with „Anti-Scratch“ function. This reduces abrasions on the carrier and prevents damage to the rack tubing. The lower hook is rotatable in 15° steps and adjustable in height. All hooks are adjustable to the rack without requiring any tools and can be easily exchanged.



16 mm QL hooks with inserts which have an „Anti-Scratch“ function for 8, 10 and 12 mm (size 12 mm e.g. required for Racktime racks). In QL2.1, the reductions inserts are now attached from the sides and secured against loss. 20 mm QL hooks are optionally available for racks with larger diameters (17-20 mm) as often used on E-bikes. The upper mounting rail consists of one piece for higher stability. With models Office-Bag and Downtown it can be adjusted to the left or right side of the bike rack. The assembly system allows the use of extremely flat nuts on the inner side thus featuring a level surface and avoiding damage to whatever you bring along. Optional upgrade with anti-theft device into the upper rail.


The QL1 System was ORTLIEB’s first mounting system for bike panniers which allowed a single-handed mounting on and removal of panniers from the bike rack. The automatically closing hooks replaced the complicated attachments with straps and buckles which were slow and unreliable. Thousands of the indestructible mounting QL1 system have now been used for decades on classic pannier models such as Back-Rollers and Bike-Packers, and are still in use.


Features of QL1-System



Automatic closing and opening of hooks by lifting the pannier handle. When the pannier is lifted by the handle, the two hooks on the reverse side are opened. Then the pannier can be hooked into the rack. Once you let go of the handle, the two hooks close around the rack tube.



Fixation of the lower section of the pannier is just as important as mounting in the top section in order to prevent the pannier from sliding and pivoting. The lower fixing hook serves for this purpose; it fixes the pannier to a vertical tube of the rack and secures it in the lower pannier area. The hook can be mounted to the lower or upper part of the elliptical rail, and can be changed fast in order to adapt it to all the different rack heights. Continuous adjustability of the lower hook, horizontally and vertically on the elliptical rail, rotation in 15° steps.



The QL1 hook system is adjustable using various inserts allowing compatible mounting on standard racks with an outside diameter of 8 -16 mm. The upper QL1 hooks can be reduced in size by inserting reduction parts into the hooks for 8mm or 11mm. The hook then closes perfectly around the rack tube and securely holds the pannier in its position. The hooks may be adjusted easily to the distance required and tightened in position with allen key size 3 (not included).

Quick-Lock S

Since 2020, ORTLIEB has a new Quick-Lock adapter system that makes attaching bags to the bike fork simple, easy and flexible. The innovative Quick-Lock S system is ideal for attaching bags such as the Fork-Pack or Fork-Pack Plus to the fork of a bike.


Features of QLS-System

The S in Quick-Lock S stands for Small. The adapter is small and therefore also light and weighs only 85 g. Despite its minimal weight, the QLS system is extremely robust. The simple and quick mounting and removal of bags is possible with one hand in seconds.
The QLS can be mounted on forks with designated screw mounts, as well as on forks without special screw mounts.



Your fork needs either at least a screw fixation or a constant diameter to securely attach the adapter to the wheel with our mounting system. You need 15cm of space on the fork, which should have a diameter between 30 and 42 mm.
Attention: If there are no screw fixings, the adapter can not be used on carbon forks and not on conical tubes.



The Quick-Lock S adapter itself comes with the adapter plate to be fixed to the bike and the mounting accessories, such as screws and two metal mounting straps for forks without screw fixings. Of course, the adapter also comes with detailed instructions.
All ORTLIEB bags that use the Quick-Lock S already come with the complete adapter set. You need the adapter itself only as a replacement or, for example, for use on a second bike.



Some bikes have angled screw fixings on the forks, which can lead to the fact that a bag mounted with the QLS could hang in the spokes. For this we have developed an adapter for the adapter, which ensures that you can use our fork packs even under these conditions. The 45 ° to 30 ° adapter is not included with the fork packs or the adapter system (E235) and must be ordered separately.

The QLS system can be mounted not only on the front fork, but also on the handlebar stem of scooters.