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Toiletry Bag

It may fit perfectly into a bike pannier, but the Toiletry Bag also helps to keep your cosmetic items tidy in other bags like the Duffle or Rack-Pack.
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Whether in a tent, hotel or holiday apartment, the Toiletry Bag offers you the ideal space to stow your cosmetic items on any journey. The all-round foam padding reinforces the practical Toiletry Bag and protects the insides from outside pressure. In addition to a large main compartment, various pockets provide additional options for organizing your utensils. Thanks to a hook, the lightweight bag with integrated mirror can be hung up on towel holders, washroom mirrors or washbasins. For the ultimate level of tidiness in your luggage, the Toiletry Bag is also available in a set together with our Packing Cubes.


A bike bag such as the Back-Roller or Bike-Packer can accommodate the Toiletry Bag either in combination with the Packing Cube L OR together with two Packing Cubes S. The bundle comprising Toiletry Bag, Packing Cube L and Packing Cube S does not fit entirely into one bike bag.


Additional practical details

+ Two-way zipper

+ Internal retaining strap with buckle

+ Handle

More Information
weight235 g | 8.3 oz.
height15 cm | 5.9 inch
depth16 cm | 6.3 inch
volume5 L | 305
Suitable forPanniers, Backpacks, Duffles
lower width24 cm | 9.5 inch
upper width29 cm | 11.4 inch
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